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Students receive instruction based on content alignment with the Common Core State Standards and S.C. Curriculum Standards. Teachers provide instruction based on the standards to students and the standards may be accessed on the internet at http://www.ed.sc.gov/agency/offices/cso.


Student performance will be evaluated based on mastery of the state grade-level standards, IEP's, textbook and teacher-made tests, and other available methods. Student conduct shall be excluded from consideration in determining a student's grade. Report cards will reflect the academic achievement standards.

The Aiken County School System can now provide access to your child’s current grades and attendance via a web based student management software program called PowerSchool. Please contact the school office in person to receive your child’s ID number and password for the Parent Portal of PowerSchool.

Numerical Grade

93 – 100 (A)
85 – 92 (B)
77 – 84 (C)
70 – 76 (D)
Below 70 (F)


Letter Grade
– Meeting Standards
MPS – Making Progress toward Standards
NMP – Not Making Progress toward Standards

In kindergarten a checklist reflecting academic achievement standards will be used each nine weeks. 

1st Grade:

Numerical Grades – Reading & Math Letter Grades – Language Arts, Handwriting, Social Studies, Science/Health, Art, Music, PE
2nd - 5th  Grades:

Numerical Grades – Reading; Language Arts, Math, Science/Health, Social Studies Letter Grades – Art, Music, PE, Handwriting (for 2nd grade only)

Reports Cards are issued at the end of each 9-week period. Interims are sent by teachers. These reports are designed to keep you updated on your child’s progress prior to receiving the 9-week report card. Conferences need to be scheduled if your child is failing any subject.

Students who maintain an “A” average in every subject for a nine weeks’ period or semester shall be recognized on the Principal’ s Honor Roll for that period. Students who maintain at least a “B” average for a nine weeks’ period or semester shall be recognized on the regular Honor Roll for that period.



Homework is designed to provide practice in academic skills and to extend and reinforce the lessons presented in class. It develops good study habits, increases skills, and adds to the student’s knowledge. With the proper monitoring from parent and teacher, homework also helps the student develop independence and responsibility. A parent should encourage and support the child’s efforts. However, homework is the student’s responsibility, not the parents.


Students are expected to make up work when absent from school. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student and should be scheduled at the convenience of the teacher.




All basic textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. The instructional fees collected at the beginning of the school year pay for workbooks and some supplies. Textbooks are to be kept clean and handled carefully. The student’s name, grade, and school name are to be written on the label in case the book is misplaced. Students will be required to pay for lost or damaged books. Students are urged to take good care of books to avoid a damaged book fee at the end of the year.




The Aiken County Public Schools serve identified gifted and talented students according to State Regulation R-43- 220 and the policies of the local School Board. Gifted and Talented students are those identified in grades 3-12 as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in academic or artistic areas. The Gifted and Talented Educational Program (G/T) serves academically gifted students in grades 3-12 throughout the school year. Gateway serves artistically gifted students in grades 3-12 in a summer program.

Identification is done at the local school, but may be appealed to the District Evaluation/Placement Team. Private testing may be used for referral purposes only according to state regulations, but not for identification. Parents, teachers and students may make student referrals to the program through the school’s G/T teacher or the school’s guidance counselor.Academically gifted students qualify for the Gifted and Talented Educational Program if they meet the criteria set forth in the regulations and meets two of the following three dimensions:

Dimension A: Reasoning Abilities. Students must demonstrate high aptitude (93rd national age percentile or above) in one or more of these areas: verbal/linguistic, quantitative/mathematical, non-verbal, and/or composite of the three. All students are tested in grade 2 to measure aptitude during fall testing using the CogAT test.

Dimension B: High Achievement in Reading and/or Mathematical Areas. Students must demonstrate high achievement (94th national percentile and above or advanced status) in reading and/or math as measured by nationally normed or South Carolina statewide assessment instruments. All second grade students are tested during fall testing using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Students in grades 3-8 are PASS tested yearly in the spring.

Dimension C: Intellectual/Academic Performance. Students must demonstrate a high degree of interest in and commitment to academic and/or intellectual pursuits. Students entering grades 7-12 meet this dimension if they demonstrate a 3.75 grade point average in language arts, math, science, social studies and foreign language. Students entering grades 3-6 demonstrate this dimension through a performance task assessment administered to students meeting one of the two Dimensions (A or B) as given above. This performance assessment is given district wide in the spring of each year.

Instruction in Gifted and Talented Educational Program classes exceeds the state standards for each grade level. The pull-out model is used in grades 3-7 and the inclusion model with differentiating instruction is used in grades 8- 12.

Artistically gifted students must apply for the Gateway program during the school year and complete the interview and audition process. The summer program serves qualified students.