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The School District of Aiken County has written conduct codes by which schools and students must abide. Each student receives a copy on his/her first day. Parents and students are to read and become familiar with these policies. A portion of this is to be signed by the student and parent, dated and returned to the teacher, who will file it with the permanent record folder. These district policies are in obedience with state laws and carry the weight of law in our school district. Please study the code carefully and discuss the regulations and consequences with your child. If your child has a discipline problem, you will be notified of the problem and of the action taken. Please sign and return all discipline notices that you receive. Specific rules and consequences are communicated to the students and parents. If a child choosesto break a rule, he/she chooses to accept the consequences. Any questions about specific classroom rules should be directed to the teacher.

The district’s disciplinary policy has been revised and students are advised that the regulations are strict and will be enforced. It is extremely important that each student and parent be fully familiar with the information in the Code of Student ConductIgnorance of the policies will not be accepted as an excuse for violating them.
Good conduct is a must in order for effective instruction to take place. Each student is expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior at school, on buses, and at all school functions. Students should remember that a teacher’s responsibility is to teach, and if someone becomes a discipline problem, it takes away from the teaching time.Parents may be required to come to school to sit with their child for extended periods of time to help correct the behavior problem. The parent must be responsible for teaching good school behavior.