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Dress Code
Common sense in relation to appropriate dress for school is to be followed in order to avoid possible disruptions of the learning process. If a student wears clothing, accessories, and/or piercings that are determined to be inappropriate for the school setting, his or her parents will be notified to bring appropriate clothing and accessories will need to be picked up in the front office by parent/guardian. 
Examples of items not allowed include cut-off shirts, pajama pants, sagging pants, and short shorts or mini-skirts. All skirts should  be at knee-length.  Students may not wear tank tops, halters, sheer blouses, fish net shirts, or any clothing that exposes the midriff, chest, and/or bust. Clothing with holes above the knee is not allowed even when leggings are worn underneath.   Leggings are only to be worn under clothing of appropriate length.
Students may not wear any article of clothing or a patch bearing any words or phrases that are obscene, vulgar, or otherwise in bad taste and which cause a disruption of the learning process. Included are T-shirts and other items advertising or promoting products that are illegal for students to use. Shoes must be worn at all times. Shirts must be buttoned and straps on overalls must be properly fastened.
When representing the school at any time (field trip, athletic contest, convention, etc.), students will adhere to the above dress code and also to any rules set forth by the organization they represent.
Students with clothing that does not follow the above guidelines will be assigned to In-School Suspension until a parent/guardian can be reached to bring appropriate clothing or pick-up the student. Repeated violations may lead to a suspension.