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Permission for School Administration of Non Prescription Medication:
Medicine must be in the original container with the label on it. We are dedicated to meeting your child's needs in a safe manner. Thank you for your assistance with this request.

Perscription Medication:
When possible, medications should be given by parents/guardians before or after school hours.†Students requiring prescribed medications, including controlled substances, during the school day will receive their medications per written orders provided by a health care practitioner.†The following require a written order from a health care practitioner:
††††††††† Prescribed medications
††††††††† Herbal/alternative medicinal products
††††††††† Experimental medications
††††††††† Medications being used off-label (including over the counter medications to be given in dosages or for reasons that are not consistent with the medication label or package insert), and
††††††††† Over the counter medications sent by a parent/guardian for frequent, long term use.
In order for a child to be given a prescription medicine at school, there are two options that you may use:
1) the childís health care practitioner may send to the school a copy of the prescription or a written statement from the health care practitioner that provides the childís name, name of the drug, the dose, and the approximate time it is to be taken; OR
2) the childís health care practitioner and the parent or guardian should complete and sign the Aiken County School Districtís Prescription Medication Administration form.

School personnel will do the following:
a. Inform the principal or principalís designee of the medication.
b. Keep a record of the receipt and administration of medication on the district form.
c. Keep medication in a secure, locked container.
d. Return unused medication to the parent/guardian or student at principalís discretion unless instructed otherwise.
Refilled prescription drugs must be provided in a new container, appropriately labeled.†Medication may not exceed a one month supply.†Any changes in administration of a current prescription medication must be accompanied by a changed Aiken County Medication Permission form and a new label indicating the changes.
Students may be given permission to carry and self-administer their medications due to life threatening conditions. Permission will be granted only after a physicianís order is received.†The school district retains the discretion to reject any request for administration of medicine.†A copy of this regulation and the policy may be provided to parent/guardian upon request for administration of medication in the schools.
School personnel and employees cannot be responsible for the adequacy of prescribed medications or medical treatments recommended by physicians or related medical professionals and/or supplied by pharmacists or other sources outside the school district and therefore, will assume no responsibility for the effects of such medications or treatments upon students.†(Revised 2/08/00 JGCD-R Medicines The School District of Aiken County Administrative Rule)